þriðjudagur, nóvember 05, 2002:

Allir ad kíkja á thetta í kvöld:
Q: What's the easiest way to observe Doppler's effect optically (not accoustically) in one's everyday life?
A: Go out in the evening and look at the cars. They lights are white or yellow when they approach, but they are red when they are moving away of you.

Smá ljóshradagrín:
Dear Dr. Science
Why is the speed of light only 186,000 miles per second? Can't science do better than this?
"Yes, you're right. It's a disgrace light only goes a measly 186,000 miles per second, but physicists are working on this problem. There's already a prototype vehicle that goes 200,000 miles per second, but the headlights shine at only 186,000 miles per second. This is equivalent to driving down the freeway the wrong way with the headlights not only out but actually chasing you down the road. This is why so many
scientists today no longer own a driver's licence."
Remember, Dr. Science knows more than you do!

Q: What would happen if the speed of light were only sixty miles per hour?
A: As we approach the speed of light, the aging process slows down. So, if the speed of light were sixty miles per hour, we would have even more people speeding, especially older people trying to stay young. As a matter of fact, physics would demand that we go faster than the speed oflight. The safest thing is to drive at a steady sixty to keep time and the highway patrol off our necks. Airplanes would become obsolete in this slow light world, because you would be going so fast, relatively speaking, that you'd be back before you even left. This would make business trips unnecessary and lead to economic collapse. So, to answer your question, life, if the speed of light were sixty miles per hour, would be youthful, fast, and dark.
-- Ask Dr. Science

Astonomer #1: .....so anyway the cop pulls me over and asks if I realized that I had just run a redlight. So I said that I did not see the light as being red, because it must have blue-shifted as i was approaching it.
Astronomer #2: And he let you go?
Astronomer #1: No. He gave me a speeding ticket intead.

Emelia // 8:06 f.h.


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